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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversational process through which the coach will ask the client various types of thought provoking questions which will help the client unlock new levels of awareness. This new awareness leads the client to greater choices and therefore new possibilities and opportunities in life. A unique and strategic plan will then be put in place to help the client take consistent action towards their chosen goals and so creating change.


How are coaching sessions run?

The coaching sessions are run either via phone or Skype to allow me to coach you wherever you are in the world, or face to face in the heart of central London in Harley street.

Who has coaching?

In essence anyone who is looking to make change in their life and are ready to unfold more of their potential and discover what’s possible for them. CEO’s, Fortune 500 executives and elite athletes benefit from coaching. However, it is not necessary to be at the top in your field to receive or benefit from coaching. Having someone shine a light on the picture of your own life and your thought patterns that contribute to the creation of your life can be priceless. No matter who you are it can be hard to see what is holding you back from reaching the next level. As long as the desire and commitment are there you will benefit from coaching.

How quickly should the transformations take place?

The speed of results vary greatly from person to person depending on how committed an individual is to the coaching process and their own personal growth and how open they are to change.

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