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NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming is:

used to understand how we individually organise our thoughts, feelings, language and behaviours which then produces the results we get. The key to NLP is the recognition that we each form our own unique internal representation of the world around us as a result of the way we have subjectively perceived and filtered the information absorbed through our senses from the external world.


NLP is:

concerned with the relationship between the mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how they affect our body and behaviour (programming). The end result of this has a big impact on how we communicate with others and the world around us and ultimately the kind of results we get in life.

An NLP practitioner will:

help you to identify thought patterns that you have that may not be serving you and can guide you through some techniques and processes to help you retrain your mind to think in a way that will enable you to bring about desirable results in your life.

NLP will help you to:

- Develop your ability to communicate with others more effectively and on multiple levels including verbal and non verbal communication and fine tuning your senses to be more sensitive to others in order to achieve successful outcomes

- Understand others and their points of view with more depth

- Manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviours more effectively

- Understand yourself with more clarity

- Manage your state effectively, which can be useful in high pressure/stressful situations

- Reduce anxiety and stress

- Change long-term behavioural patterns

- Identify the driving forces and motivations in yourself and others

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