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Stephanie Kissen

“My coaching programme with Liz has been thought provoking, focused, and overall an extremely impactful learning experience.. Liz has been an extremely professional, encouraging and structured coach. Liz was able to empower me to focus and achieve my goals, which I am otherwise unsure i would’ve done.

The sessions with Liz helped me to consider my strengths and address some of the areas I need to work on and much of this was done through Liz’s effective questioning techniques including appropriate challenging questions. Liz was particularly strong at using challenge to ensure I considered my situation and came up with my own answers. Thank you for being a great empowering coach Liz.”

Levina Tait-Rennalls

“My coaching sessions with Liz have been an invaluable experience. Liz’s thoughtfulness and respect for my cultural and spiritual beliefs made it easy for me to express myself freely. Consequently, the coaching sessions have helped me to gain clarity as to what’s important to me and how to prioritise my goals. The sessions have also helped me to identify and overcome some of the fears and anxiety that have burdened me for a long time; i.e.stage fright and fear of judgement as a performer (I am a dancer)

During the coaching sessions I have wound down one business and successfully set up another one with more prospects than the former. I now wait with great excitement and expectancy as to what the future holds, with more confidence than ever before. I greatly appreciate the time, hard work and effort Liz has invested in me; coaching me to achieve my goals and live a more holistic lifestyle.

I would recommend Liz to anyone desperate for a change in their life.”

Miglena Trangos

“The coaching sessions with Liz were essential for my progress. Liz has built great rapport with me. In our sessions I felt fully free and confident to share anything; I felt that I am listened to and I am fully understood.

At times, when I felt felt discouraged and felt overwhelmed, the coaching with Liz helped me to face the problem, consider what I really want to happen in that area, break it down and take small steps forward. Liz was very good in encouraging and empoweringg me, when she was bringing the best out of me and has supported me during the whole process.”

Pauline Wong

“Coaching with Liz has had a very positive impact on me. I have been motivated to work towards my goals, and have achieved some of my goals. I have found Liz to be very professional in her approach and patient. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to move forward in reaching their goals.”

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