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Elizabeth Cann  

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About Elizabeth

I am a former professional badminton player and a personal/career coach and speaker.

I have  spent over 15 years exploring, trying and testing many personal development principles  whilst on the world stage of elite sport to help me create and instil high quality habits and thought patterns. This helped me to deal with the pressure of high level performance, to dare to dream bigger and to set and reach high quality goals.

I was not a ‘natural’ at my sport but coaching took me to the top 20 in the world. You may think sports coaching is different but its all about personal transformation on the inside and out. I competed in the very demanding discipline of women's singles before finishing my sports career at the age of 35. Other highlights of my career were becoming Englands number 1 ladies singles player, 5x National Champion and achieving commonwealth and European medals.

I am a driven, optimistic and highly motivated person. I strive for excellence and aim to always push  my boundaries and reach beyond my comfort zone.  I can be serious and I can be fun loving. My current hobbies are yoga and salsa dancing. Whilst being immersed in the 'masculine' world of high performance I like to maintain the femininity in me too. The art of balancing these two sides is what brings out my best self.

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“I attribute a lot of my success to a turning point in my life when I made the decision to live with no regrets. From that point on every day was spent making choices that would contribute to me developing as a person and performing at my peak. I had to ask myself what effect my choices would have on my goals. Sometimes they aren't even what we consider to be the big choices. It can be the seemingly small actions that turn in to regular habits that end up impacting our goal for better or worse.”

Elizabeth Cann

Professional Personal and Career coach

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