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Performance Coach

Personal and Career Development




Journey of Discovery

Through the transformational process of coaching you will get to recreate your life as you explore and discover your true potential

Journey to success


Personal coaching is for those who want my support through their transformational process. As your coach I provide the framework for you to work within. As each client is unique I adapt my approach accordingly and take each person on their own unique journey. We will...


IDENTIFY what you really want in your life and who you want to become


CREATE a unique vision for yourself and the steps you need to take to unfold your vision


CLEAR barriers that are preventing or slowing down your progress


ADAPT the pathway you are on, according to your new levels of awareness


BUILD an empowering mindset and inner strength


ENJOY your journey to improved wellbeing and life

Success follows belief


Liz's coaching is influenced and inspired by elite sport, coaching principles, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), neurosciense, personal development techniques, mindfulness and spirituality.


"When my conditioning coach, Dalton Grant - former high jumper, started talking to me about achieving a medal at major championships I could feel the doubt inside me. With the use of coaching the day came when I stood on the podium to receive my medal. It was emotional for me as I realised that all of the work I had done both physically and mentally had really paid off."

Liz is a certified:

Personal Performance coach

Practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming

Professional small business coach

Coaching is extremely beneficial for any one who is ready and committed to live a life that is more fulfilling and successful than the one they are currently living out. You don't need to be at the top of your game to receive coaching. The desire for change and the willingness to take consistent action is what you need. Working together with a coach has the potential to increase the likelihood of you reaching your goals and even go beyond what you first thought was possible.

Liz Cann

Performance coach


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